Friday, April 30, 2010

i'm much too empty

but so full of words.
my favorites from my random daily poetry:

the frost is setting in
winter is always cold
i dream so much about you, yet
still i am alone

and if you were to come back to me
i wonder what it is you'd see
for as i lay dying on this night
i pray you'll never reach me

we fly and then we fall
we run and then we crawl
we dream of what we saw
but you're better than nothing at all

the moon was pale and cried last night
out to the ocean she loves
for the stars have all forsaken her
and she feels all alone

the ocean with its mighty tides
made waves that stretched like arms
and wrapped her, held her tight
until morning turned to dawn

black heart
how i despise you
how i fight against you
how i cling to you still
how i always will

black heart
how i wish you would burn
how i miss you in turn
how i want something more
like never before

and so..

i am thankful for this day,
for stars that never seem to fade away,
for dreams that last,
for love long past

i am thankful for me,
for who i aim to be,
that though my love fades,
my heart stays

with all my heart,

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