Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the spaces in between

we are two planets
far across this galaxy
we'll never be close
but we can be lovers

your arms are oceans
that stretch across your sky
that reach out for me
but never can touch

your heart is a fiery core
that threatens to burn me
tries to destroy me
with every breath you take

we are not meant to be
but i'll keep trying
i'll take these bird-wings and
fly as far as i can go

we are two planets
lost in space
but together we can be
together we can see

love for always.


you all know i love you.

i think it's amazing that anybody reads this at all, so it really means a lot to me.


i am feeling sad. i don't know.
somehow apologetic.
still afraid.
of him and
of my heart.
who are we anyway?
who is he and
who am i?

i need to stop having "great expectations."
i need to be able to settle.
for the mediocre. the mundane.

let us all just let go.
just be.

but i am sad.
and i know why, but i don't.
it's really all confusion with a bit of lies.
because maybe i'm lying to myself sometimes.
maybe he's lying to me.
maybe, maybe, maybe.

maybe nothing changes and everything changes and we are what we are, but we'll never want to be.

something to consider maybe?
i'd love to hear any thoughts on that.

all my love,

i am thankful for sorrow.
for it is something by which we also know joy.
i am thankful that i'm not afraid to cry, though sometimes the tears don't come when i wish they would.

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