Sunday, April 4, 2010

hold my heart

it's easy to tell when i'm miserable, isn't it?

had to get a little complaining done myself.

so i'm sitting here and it's late.
i want to cry.
i'm listening to good music to soften the blows in my mind. my heart.
that is the best word in describing depression.

i reach out with eyes closed.
and full of faith.
full of dreams and impossibilities.
full of sorrows and broken promises.
useless wishes.
i reach out for something i cannot claim to know at all.
something i completely believe in.

i miss all the hugs i used to get in a day.
i miss love.
oh so much.
i await the day it will return to me in full.
and for now i'll cherish the love i do receive, even now.

as promised, more thankfulness.
i am thankful for people who take the time to listen. just listen.
i am thankful that i am one of those people.

keep watching the stars. i'll be up there someday.

all my love,

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