Sunday, April 11, 2010

words across the page

you are like a god to me.
i wake early to see your face leave my dreams.
my soul thirsts for you,
my flesh longs for you,
in this dry land where there is no water,
your love is better than life.
and so,
my lips sing of the light
that is you.


you are the storm, the tempest upon the ocean
great and mighty
o, how your winds blow against the air
fierce and relentless
you make the waves toss and turn
your sea is violent, raging on, never ceasing
tides crashing the shores

And the birds do not sing.

i am the little white boat, attempting to sail
pathetic and meek
o, how this breeze pushes me along
and i am pulled by your salt-brushed arms
you throw me all about
your sea covers every part of me without breaking
i crash into you

And my heart longs to sing.


teach me to sing.

to know love and peace and mercy
with arms like silk and stone, wrapping
me up, always too tightly
you're holding me and i can't breathe
i'm choking down words and ignoring
the burn of your matchstick fingertips
i let the ashes fall away and try not to
cry, my lips are bleeding in my attempt to
kiss you, while my ears listen only for
your bitter heart, beating into me, for

i'm losing air, each day goes by
and though i wait for its return it never comes.

the sun is setting in my sky, but
the stars refuse to appear; they will not
shine for me anymore, for
my soul is long lost,
my days are growing shorter,
i'm almost out of breath.

so please teach me to sing,
before i starve to death.

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