Friday, April 9, 2010

passion of the storm brings sleep

it's safe to say i've calmed down from earlier.
i have yet to go through that blog though.

please don't think i'm super, super crazy.
i just like the number three.
and sometimes, well, sometimes i break down.

you all know i love you.

i am so thankful i didn't end up hurting myself in any way earlier.
i gave myself something to do and the mania eventually worked its way out.
and i'm so thankful for people who are willing to deal with me at times when i act kinda crazy or messed up.

so, today it was decided that i'll be going on a four day cleanse/fast.
after that, i'm going to start seriously dieting.
i hope i can stick to it.
i keep failing.
i really need to lose weight though, before i hit 200lbs.
believe it or not, i'm pretty darn close to that and i so don't want to get there.
i've been feeling like i ought to do a fast for a while, for whatever reason. it's like my body's trying to tell me something here.
my father and i are both doing the cleanse together.
so i have a partner in crime, ha ha.
but seriously, i'm doing it.

anyway, it's late enough that i have to stop here.
and i swear i'm not really all that crazy.

all my love,

i almost forgot to explain my title.
after this manic period, i am now quite exhausted.
at least i'll probably sleep better tonight, since recent nights i haven't been sleeping much.

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