Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when dreams take over

i feel asleep last night and didn't post here. say what??!


so yesterday went okay. i was more hungry yesterday, but then later on i felt strangely full. my brain yells at me to eat food though. all the freaking time.
ah, it is quite annoying, but i'm doing my best to ignore it.
so far i've managed.

and two days down, two to go.
woo. hoo. ah.

oh, i have so much paperwork to go through, between school and loans and medical stuff. slowly working my way through it.

i also need to start on illustrations for the book i'm doing, but i'm lacking inspiration. someone/something needs to inspire me! seriously!

i am thankful for finally being able to sleep yesterday, though at a time i didn't want to. i had been seriously falling behind on sleep and finally caught up a little.
i am thankful also that i have been ab;e to prove to myself that i can control my eating. it's hard, but it's worth it!

all my love,

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