Sunday, April 25, 2010

good news, bad news

good day/bad day all in one.

i don't know what to say.
i'm depressed. somehow. some way.

oh, but i have a poem to post:

turn me away and
i'll dwell with the stars
i'll let the fire burn up my heart
let the flames flow through my veins
and spread my light through
the oceans of the sky

strike me down and
i'll stay with the earth
my bones will be as roots
bones that grow to new heights
and spread my branches out
in the forests of the wild

take your leave and
i'll go with the wind
i'll run fast along the equator
run where the clean air leads me
and spread over the lands
where i shall never find an end

learn to love me and
i'll come into you
i'll dance to your every song
dance until my time is gone
and fly with grace into
the beauty of your life

so yeah.
i am thankful for song and dance and praise. something to light up my day.
i am thankful for myself. i think. somehow.

it's hard to see the light tonight.
it's too dark.

all my love,

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