Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in the summer heat

it is so god-awful hot right now. and it's only April! i mean, seriously wtf?
ugh. i've been sweating all day.

visited the farm today where my grandparents live and found out that out of 12 cats only 5 have survived the more recent sicknesses. kinda sad, but i'm glad Bella was one of them apparently. at first i couldn't find her, but i saw her in the field right before we left.

i finished my pretty, pretty picture today and i'm happy with how it turned out. used my prismacolors for this one. it's very spring appropriate, now that i think of it.
and i'm almost finished the painting i've been working on.
i've been going outside to paint lately because of the warm weather. the fresh air is nice for painting.

everyone around me is getting sick, but i'm just fine. which wows me because i ALWAYS get whatever is going around. course, i still could. but so far, no.

i am thankful for not being sick when so many others are because being sick makes me miserable.
i am thankful that i still manage even now not to bite my nails. they've peeled a bit, but are otherwise doing well.

the weather is nice, even if it's a little too hot.

all my love,

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