Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sometimes the weak become the strong

believe in me.

i love that song. Staind is amazing. just sayin'.

i can;t remember what i wanted to say. my father is talking on the phone and i can't think. he's too loud...

so i want believe i'm becoming stronger.
as a person.
i have changed and i am better about a lot of things, and i don't know.
it's tough when someone puts me down and it breaks me a little and i'm hurt because it's someone i care about. it's so tough, but i handled it well enough.
i got my feelings out and let it go and didn't press the matter.
i won't lie...i'm still a bit bothered.
but i'm not going to let it hang over me.

i'm going to be going to school for something i'm interested in that works for me, but otherwise i'm not really sure what i want.
what i want. who i want.
where do i want to be?
life is confusing.
i am thankful i have time to figure things out though. i am thankful i see that.
even if sometimes i feel like i'm running out of time.

it's all one big adventure. somehow. a journey.
i tend to life when i'm really living it.
that just isn;t how it is right now though.

all my love,

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