Friday, April 16, 2010

life is more than a game

i'm being obsessively gamer-ish today. must beat end boss! must beat end boss!
i've been trying to beat this thing for a few days now with no luck.
every time i get close, something goes wrong.
usually, whatever crew i'm in falls apart.
or one occasion, i got disconnected.
ah, such is life.


my fast is over!
i made it through and i ate only fruits and veggies like i was supposed to today. mostly veggies.
omg food OM NOM NOM.

it's nice to not be craving a bunch of sugar for once.
best to just avoid it for now.

so...i'm looking into getting more aid for school but it's kinda looking like i wont get it.
oh well.
loans for years and years and years then. yep.
not as bad as it wouldve been had i stayed at my previous school though.
but still. i'm not looking forward to it.

and since i'm boring i have nothing else to say.

i am thankful for having gotten through the cleanse.
and i'm thankful for the rain today.
so refreshing.

all my love,

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