Sunday, April 18, 2010

sky falls, you feel like

it's a beautiful day <3

so i had fantastic day today.

first i went to church, got to sing, got to say how glad i was to be able to be around for my father back in 2008 when he was going through the worst with lymphoma.

then we went out to lunch and went to a goodwill store in harrisburg where i found some neat stuff. i got a dress that i plan to wear to my grandmother's sister's wedding vow renewal ceremony thing this saturday. i also got some really comfy capris that i swear i'm going to wear like...all the freaking time now. so so so comfy wow! and i found an awesome t-shirt that has a picture from the original mario donkey kong video game. freaking awesome! i also had fun shopping because i had to search through all these bins to find the stuff, and found some weird random things that i tried on for the heck of it. best part: it was all only 75 cents a piece. yep.
thrift stores are amazing!

after that, we went on a mission in search of green tea icecream. well, sort of? we only went to one place. having internet on my phone came in super handy today because i got use of it in looking up a chinese grocery to go see if they had green tea icecream. big surprise: they didn't have it. so i opted for some cans of grass jelly drink and chrysanthemum tea that i'm quite fond of. mmmm...reminiscing over all the goodies i used to get in CA. that's the problem with york, and PA in general: not enough Asian stuff. and seeing as how i am an asian freak, it bugs the heck out of me sometimes.

i still need to find some green tea icecream though. seriously. i miss it. it's my favorite.
of course, when i go ask to CA next month, i can always convince someone to take me somewhere to get some green tea mochi. oh yes! i'll have to go to lollicup while i'm there, too.
so excited about that trip. wish so much i could go to Fanime, even for just a day, to see all my buddies, but that could never happen. oh, but i like to dream. haha.

i am a bit hyper. no doubt.
it's fun that way though.
happy mania is nice as long as i don't get to out of wack with it.
of course, you can just as well expect me to crash tomorrow and be totally bummed.

by the way, i feel so fat. oh. my. freaking. buddha.
seriously, though. i miss being a size six.
ah, yes, those were the days.
but i can get down to an 8 again at least.
i hope i can.

haha, and here i am talking of green tea icecream.
but i mean seriously.
right now i'm dieting, for the most part.
i had an itty bitty piece of chocolate today to get my craving under control, but other than that i at like i should.
and i've been eating healthy since the fast.
so we'll see how it goes.

i am thankful for this day.
and i am thankful for being able to enjoy myself.

you people are cool. yes, indeed.

all my love,

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