Thursday, April 1, 2010

for i am just a fool

an April fool, that is. haha.

it's interesting what the different sites end up doing as an April Fool's joke. most of the sites i frequent had something going on.
as always, deviantart changed everyone's icons, this year playing with the famed Team Jacob, and Team Edward, and they added Team Seeker and Team Gaga in, ahaha. oh, what fun. though i was not at all pleased to be apart of Team Seeker.
they also changed our signatures. go figure. it was awful. and a little confusing to see so many of the same icons.

today was another sun-shining day.
i love being able to bike ride again, even though there aren't many places to go in my area. too, too many hills. way too many. but i go where i can.
i didn't get a chance to work on my painting today, so that'll have to wait. but i like how it's turning out so far, especially considering i'm painting something new over something previously unfinished. it looks pretty cool like that though. i worry somewhat that it will end up with too much yellow because my small tube of yellow pain burst open and i ended up using as much of it as i could yesterday so it wouldn't go to waste.
the painting has much farther to go though, or so it would seem.
it's so very colorful.
and i just love the way things flow out of me when i get into the right painting mood. it's a good release, as i think i mentioned before.

today i got really bored early on. i really don't like when i get that way because nothing seems appealing and so i don't enjoy anything and i end up getting anxious.
it was just one of those days for me.
anxiety, anxiety.

but it went away after the bike ride, which i easily could've guessed. the fresh air and sunshine and exercise always help me when i'm having my "mental issues."

oh, and i drank so much water today. over twice as much as i usually do. over a gallon of water. i don't know if that's a good thing or not, but i felt like drinking more water after talking with my mother about it yesterday. i feel it could help keep my appetite under control at least.

i am thankful for the sun. it does so much for everything. shiny, shiny.
and i am thankful for my passion for art. having such a passion has gotten me through so many rough times, and the good times as well. it keeps me flowing along.

all my love,

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