Saturday, March 20, 2010

the sun is up, the sky is blue

it's beautiful, and so are you.

so let's greet the brand new day. i am back to my joyful self. i must say, it's much nicer to only be depressed for one day, instead of days and days without end. that's something i can actually handle.
i went on a walk last night, just a short one, and that helped me get my tears out.
also, the pressure is back down. last night, when i got back in, i just listened to my music and let myself flow freely, and that took away all that had been building. or a lot of it anyway. it's nice to no longer feel like i might just randomly explode.

i'm kind of sad today, but not depressed, and only sad from concern for a friend who had a terrible, terrible time recently, with various things that occurred, and i wish i could do more to help. he's a very good friend of mine, after all.

otherwise, today is a good day, so far.
spring begins today, officially in less than an hour.
i love spring here in PA. it's always so pleasant outside because it's cool enough to not be suffering from the heat, unlike summer. and all the flowers blooming. there are mini daffodils my father planted last year and one of them has already bloomed and just looks so cute. we also have tulips and another flower whose name i can't recall at this moment.

it's also a good thing in regards to my puppy, who now can spend plenty of time outside in the warm sunshine. it gives him a chance to run around and use some of that energy he always has. i often sit outside with him and play with him, or sometimes i just sit out there and hold him in my lap. he seems to like the attention.

but i'm out of books to read. i'm not sure what to pick next. i'm thinking i should pick up some more classics to read, but there are various authors in there whose works i'm not interested in. Hemingway, for example. i find his writing to be quite dry, and while i can get through it, i don't really enjoy it.
this is unfortunate because i've been using books to take up chunks of my free time, although the good news is, now that spring is here and the weather is pleasant, i have been spending a good deal more outside, usually getting more exercise in through walking or biking.
but i did look up a list of supposed classics and will work my way through those on the list i'm interested in. so that is that.

as for school, all is still the same. waiting for the day i take my test.
i'm so excited about school though. i really am.

i will be attempting to get into my "groove" with writing Dear Sun today. i'll see where it takes me.
and i'll keep working on my pretty art, too.

all my love,

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