Sunday, March 21, 2010

river flows in me

black river flowing through my veins
O, how i swim against your current
and fight the might wind
to find my way forward

my little red boat floats my heart,
but my feet are sinking, drinking in
the flood, the feast of demons,
unaware of the bitter taste

the white light spirit guides my hands
as i push into the sand
golden and warm in the glow
of the afternoon saffron sun

dark river running over my head
O now, i swim, half-drowned
blue burning in my lungs as
i reach for the surface

my violet stepping-stones strike out
jagged, biting through flesh
but my feet, numb to the pain,
do not regret the leaps i've taken

the stretch to lost salvation
stamps out the green earth
and spins and dance so elegant
i never know i left

i wrote this poem today. and i like the fact that it has the same feel and flow as my old poetry. back when i really liked what i wrote.
and i find comfort in the fact that this expresses quite well, finally, how i've been feeling. i got everything in there somehow. it just all fit in.

isn't it nice when we can express ourselves the way we want to?
because for me, it's often difficult, especially in my life now where my mind has become so fragmented and mixed up.

all my love,

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