Tuesday, August 31, 2010

we are just misguided ghosts

So I know I'll be okay.

I'm disappointed and sad and frustrated and mad and all that, but it's not really getting to me too much. or at least, i've been depressed but it isn't affecting how i get through my day.

as for school, well, i'm still getting A's on everything. usually 100%. i feel pretty good about it. i've gotten into the habit of studying every night and doing my homework the day i get it and all that. getting close to only having 1 month left of these classes. of course, next semester the classes will be more difficult, but i'm not all that worried because i know i'm completely capable of getting through them and doing well.

i feel pretty dang cool though for all my perfect scores and seeing those A's really makes my day. especially because it's all me.

i felt pretty cool today when my teacher in career development read off of my paper and said it was a good example for what we were supposed to have done.

i love my teachers. they can be really cool and they actually really care.
-my pharmacology teacher brought us cupcakes today because everyone in the class got an A on the last test.
-my A&P teacher bought me some cool socks because she happened to see them at a store and it reminded her of some of the other socks i wear sometimes(i sometimes wear cool striped socks to add a little spunk to my uniform)

i like my teachers also because i feel really comfortable with them. i feel like i can talk to them about anything i need to. it's cool.

i do sort of have friends at school. i even found this one guy the same age as me who likes anime. i like having people to talk to. i don't feel quite as lonely as i used to.

i still really miss getting to hang out with people and have fun though. i miss my family, too.

i'm still not really sure where i want to go or what i want to do once i finish school. i'm kind of interested in radiology, but i'm totally sure about that. i want to try just being a pharmacy technician first before i move on to anything else.

i'm not sure if i want to move back to CA or not. i love CA and i especially love some of the people out there, but economically speaking it wouldn't be such a good choice. i've been considering moving to OK though. possibly.
like i said, i'm not really sure.

all my love,

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