Saturday, August 21, 2010

so i can find someone to rely on

"so i can find someone to rely on
and run to them, to them
full speed ahead
oh, you are not useless
we are just misguided ghosts"

i feel like writing songs today.
listening to Paramore's new album Brand New Eyes is really inspiring.
i keep listening to the songs and i'm in a pretty good mood

then again, music pretty much always puts me in a better mood. these days, when i get upset, i go out on a walk and listen to my music and i get back home feeling better with my mind cleared up and my heart less broken.


it's always been a big part of my life. love of my life. singing and dancing and attempting to play a few instruments even. and writing, writing, writing. there's so many songs over the years that have been one-time, only-heard-by-me songs. free style. i often make up songs just singing stuff as i go on the spot. some of them i have loved but i can't ever seen to remember them enough to write them down.

my voice keeps changing, which is annoying, but all i have to do is continue to figure out what works best for me. i may not be super talented musically. i have a little bit of talent and a lot of passion.

my biggest dream has always been to be lead singer in a band and be able toi write music and perform for a living. that would be super amazing.
it's just not practical in my case, though, but it doesn't stop me from writing music and singing and dancing all over the place like a fool.

ultimately, it's about connecting to the world and really feeling what i'm feeling and being passionate and not caring what the rest of the world thinks about it.

it's always going to be what i love to do.

with all my heart,

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