Wednesday, September 1, 2010

they echo me

"i am going away for a while
but i'll be back
don't try to follow me
'cause i'll return as soon as possible

see, i'm trying to find my place
but it might not be here
where i feel safe
we all learn to make mistakes

and run from them, from them
with no direction
we'll run from them, from them
with no conviction

'cause i'm just one of those ghosts"

i am loving that song at the moment. it fits my mood at the moment.
i recently bought the cd Brand New Eyes because i had been listening to the songs online so much of the time that it seemed to be worth it. now i can just turn on ym cd player and listen to it in my room.
i seriously don't know what i'd do without my music. it's the only thing that keeps me sane at times.

i love reading poetry and prose, too.
on deviantart, i watch a lot of amazing writers and their work is always so beautiful and inspiring. and it gives me something to relate to, and something i can love. i smile or cry or something. and some of these writers write in such a way that all the images just flow so vividly in my mind and the colors are so bright and i feel like i'm swimming through misplaced memories and reliving feelings i've already felt, but at a much greater depth. it's lovely.

lately, i'm also really into photography. the things one can express through a photo...

it's all so beautiful and so full of emotion and it's something that keeps me alive.
makes me feel alive.
makes me feel.

i may be depressed. really depressed right now. but still okay, somehow.

all my love,

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