Tuesday, August 10, 2010

life really is full of surprises

ack. okay. i'm learning here, right?

life just got better. i think.

i have someone again. well, sort of.
for all i know things will change, but for now i plan on waiting it out and i think this will work.

it's really odd. like...
i feel as though if i tell people they'll tell me i'm crazy for going along with this, but it's as if exactly what i've been waiting for has finally found me. i just happened to be looking in the wrong place before. at the wrong person. and all i did was waste my time on something worth nothing.

it's time to move on from people who act like jerks every time i try to talk to them. seriously. i realized i'm just wasting my time and in the end they're not worth the pain i feel from trying so hard for someone who doesn't care.

so here i am.

some of you will figure it all out. whatever. just don't lecture me about it and i'll be fine. if i'm making a mistake i can learn on my own.

old love, new beginnings.

all my love,

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