Tuesday, October 5, 2010

demons in the dark

i had a rather frightening experience this weekend.

i woke up early Saturday morning to a room that to me appeared to be pitch black. i remember looking at my clock and upon seeing that it was still incredibly early, somewhere around 3am, i decided i'd try to just go back to sleep.

suddenly, i felt this enormous pressure against my entire body, and i couldn't speak, felt almost like i was suffocating as i tried to force words out of my mouth. it freaked me out.

then, i heard someone or something outside my bedroom. i became only more frightened, though i tried to convince myself that it either was all in my head or a noise outside that somehow sounded like it was outside my door.
but i kept hearing whatever it was, outside my door, slightly moving, shifting around. i was beginning to panic.

and then the door opened, yet at first i saw nothing there that could have opened it. and then suddenly, it was there, standing there. i could barely see what it was, but i could tell that it was short, possibly a child, though i had this horrible feeling that its face was not at all like a child's.

it spoke. i do not remember what it said. i was so scared and confused that i couldn't be sure what it was saying anyway. i just remember that it had a child-like voice, but there was this tone of malice to it, and it had a sort of creepiness to it as well.

in desperation and terror, i mustered what strength i could to slowly move my hand up to turn on the lamp next to my bed. i got closer and closer to the switch to turn it on.

i was close to turning the light on, but before i could lift myself up a bit more to reach it, everything changed. there i was sitting in my bed with my arm outstrectched towards the lamp. the room wasn't as dark. i didn't feel that horrible pressure anymore. and there was nothing there, as far as i could tell.

i lifted myself up the little last bit to be able to turn on the light. upon turning the light on, i confirmed that there was, indeed, nothing in my room. and the door wasn't even open. unfortunately, when i lifted myself up to reach the light, my back spasmed and i wasn't able to get up out of bed for a while because of it, even though i was freaked out by what had occurred and knew i couldn't sleep anymore.

ever since then, i've been really scared it will happen again. it's making me afraid to sleep, and i have this eery feeling that i'm being watched.

plenty of people might try to say that this was just a dream, all in my head, something of that nature, but i assure you that to the best of my knowledge and based on the particular circumstances, i have no doubt that it was more than just a dream.

prior to this, i had been asleep and was dreaming. and when everything suddenly transitioned and nothing was there anymore, i didn't even blink. my eyes were open, i was in the exact same position, etc etc. even so, i know people would have their theories.

i have had plenty of encounters with ghosts, spirits, etc in the past. when i was younger, i used to be scared of them because i didn't understand anything about them, but in general there was nothing incredibly frightening or disturbing about them.

the only other occurrence i can recall that had me scared like i am now was one during my stay in a mental hospital. in that case, it was dark haired teenage girl who had a huge creepy smile and kept cutting herself with a butcher knife and was laughing about it. she stared at me as she did it.
someone told me later that while it had been happening that at first i appeared to be acting strange because i was sitting against the wall with a blank face and wasn't responding, but as soon as someone touched me i started screaming and crying and pleading that they "make her leave me alone."
this girl continued to haunt me, my mind, whatever for the next several days. i was scared for my life, despite being safe within a hospital in which someone kept an eye on me the majority of the time.

despite all this, i managed to get some rest last night without having to rely on medication. the first two nights after it happened though, i took my medication to help me sleep because i knew i couldn't get myself to sleep otherwise.
it has me a little nervous, and i still have the creepy feeling of being watched, tageted, etc, but i think i'm doing okay otherwise. it just has me spooked a bit.

and i thought it to be worth mentioning here.

on a side note: i am thinking of maybe being something creepy for halloween, possibly the grim reaper or sadako(the girl from The Ring). suggestions of other creepy things to be for halloween would be appreciated though. i thought it would be fun to be something creepy since i get to dress up for school (theyre actually letting us wear our costumes to school on the friday before. theyre even holding a contest!)

all my love,


  1. dude you need to call an excorsist cause if that TV show "A Haunting" has taught me anything if you have a feeling your being watched there is *SOMETHING* there.

    Keep away from Ouja boards they are a gateway to demons if you use one you die trust me it happened to my grandpa

  2. lololololol.


    1. they are called ouija boards. i have used them many a time before. interesting things happen, but people don't die from using them.

    2. i fucking hate those shows. such bs.

    3. no. sometimes youre brain is fucked and you just feel that way. there are spirits where i am now. but that feeling is not from them. i know the difference.

    4. i wish i knew who you are, anon person. we should have a talk.