Sunday, October 17, 2010


i'm starting to believe that love isn't real.

i'm starting to believe that love is only chemical.

we are chemical machines.

that's me in the corner.

that's me in the spotlight.

losing my religion. literally.

somewhere festering in my heart is the stubborn desire that there certainly must be more to life than human being. but i have that nagging suggestion that none of it is real. not one bit.

we are chemical machines.

as the years go on, we slowly, so slowly, run dry.

when we are empty, we die.

love is a chemical reaction. a chain of impulses running along our nerves.






a study was done where people were randomly paired up and asked to complete two steps, spanning about 34 minutes:

1. Spend half an hour revealing intimate details about eachother's loves

2. Spend four minutes staring into each others eyes without talking.

The results:

the majority of the subjects in the study felt deeply attracted to each other afterwards. two of them even got married.

we are chemical machines.

i believe in science.

where there is actual proof.

we do not yet fully understand how the brain works.

i grew up thinking fairytales were possible.

i grew up believing in true love.

i wanted to think that there was someone out there for me.

we do not fully understand how the brain works.

not entirely.

i am under the suspicion that we are chemical machines.

every thing is a chain reaction.

we think we are in control of what we say and do.

sometimes i think that isn't the case.

why do most people fall in love with someone that is really horrible for them.

to them.

if we could choose who we fell in love with.

if we could choose who we love.

we would choose better people.

if they existed.

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