Thursday, October 28, 2010

9 things about me

i stole took this from my tumblr. it's part of some 10 day challenge on there and i felt like posting today's part on here. i will also probably post the one for tomorrow.


1. in person, you will meet m as a cheerful, funny, intelligent girl who enjoys her time. yet on the inside, i have low self-esteem, i’m broken up, constantly feeling defeated and alone.

2. i would every single person in the world if i could, no matter who they are. just because i love to share my love with others.

3. i don’t like odd numbers, except for 1, 3, 5, and 7. seriously, they bother me.

4. nobody has ever called me “fat” and meant it, but that is how i usually feel when i look at myself in the mirror.

5. i am still in love with a boy who, on at least two occasions, almost choked me to death. and i have no idea why, except that i remember how i felt whenever i was with him in the moments where everything was calm. it just felt so right, no matter how wrong it could seem at other times.

6. i am a perfectionist. and i get really upset when i don’t know an answer on a test in school. i start to feel like i’m going crazy sometimes when that happens. but i am learning to deal with it.

7. i get really stressed out easily. it doesn’t take much because i overstress about everything…basically.

8. i like to pretend i’m someone else when i’m alone.

9. i am often misunderstood. my actions are at times. to the point where people question my intentions (as if i ever intended to hurt anyone…)

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