Tuesday, October 26, 2010

all you need is love

i need love like i need iron. sure, i can survive on just a little bit, but if i don't have enough i can;t ever live a full life. like i won't ever have the energy.
(i considered saying i need love like i need oxygen, but without enough oxygen i wouldn't be alive. and i'm still here, so...)

love can heal things that nothing else can. love, i have noticed in the past, can be the best medicine at times. sometimes the right person(who ironically might also be the wrong person) makes you feel like you really belong just where you are, like nothing can break you, like you are completely, wonderful safe and warm and all the pain is gone, even if just for a moment.

what i wouldn't give for a nice, long, hug from a friend right now. seriously.
i've come to appreciate how amazing something as simple as a hug really can be, how much it really does for someone. for me, hugs have the friendly, warm side to love that always cheers me up a little, makes my day brighter. i miss all my friends and all the hugs i used to get. warm fuzzies.

loneliness eats away at us. it really does.

i could really use some hugs.

all my love,

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