Sunday, October 31, 2010


i found him. Patrick. i figured out who he is/was, by doing some searching with the information he had given me.

turns out that Patrick was his middle name.
Ryan Patrick Halligan.

i didn't mention this before, but i had learned that his last name was similar to mine, so i started looking around for a Patrick Hannigan that committed suicide, and it was right there. The picture looks almost exactly like him, only that the Patrick i know is older (the age he would've been if he were still alive).


it's eerie. he had told me he had committed suicide, that he remembered being rejected by a girl who originally told him she liked him, but that it turned that she had been lying to him the whole time because she though it would be funny.
he also mentioned that he had been bullied a lot.

that's all i knew, though.
but i found a website and everything and what he told me and the picture and all of it fits, and i know for sure that it's him. i have this feeling, you know? i can't explain it.

i still know why he ended finding me, or what i should do.
but i feel like maybe i'm getting somewhere with this.

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