Friday, October 8, 2010

the results are in

I found out all of my grades today. I am ending this term with a freaking 4.0. my lowest grade in a class was 100%. seriously. i feel pretty cool. plus i had perfect attendance and i'll be getting hella awards come time for the awards ceremony that will be ltaer this month or in November.

i am hella proud of myself. after all the trouble and stress and disappointment of my first year at another college, i am so relieved to know that i could do better.

things changed. a lot of problems resolved themselves pretty much after i stopped taking a certain medication. i am so glad i was able to pull this off.

initially, my goal was to get on the honors list by having at least a 3.5 gpa. as time went on, and i kept doing really well, i pushed myself further and firther to keep getting 100% on everything and i actually accomplished it!

it feels pretty freaking amazing. i am so happy about this. i feel like i've proven finally that i can do something with myself.


all my love,


  1. We are proud of you, but more important, it's great that you are proud of yourself. Success feels pretty damn good, doesn't it.

  2. You should be proud of you. I know I am. I have never ever doubted your intellect or your ability, just your desire. It's all about wanting something bad enough to do the hard work. Accomplishments feel good and tend to breed more accomplishments. Just keep moving forward........... : )