Wednesday, October 27, 2010

not that life is always fair

so i got a B on my first pharmacy procedures test this term. i would've had an A if the teacher took out the question that shouldn't have been there.

basically, i proved to her that the info for the question hadn't been presented in the text, and we hadn't really discussed it in class. At first, she said she would discredit that question, but then changed her mind because she said she didn't feel like trying to figure out the points. Which annoys me.
She's the teacher, but if she makes a mistake, she should fix the issue, whether she feels like it or not.

but that's life. i'll deal. one B doesn't mean I can't still get an A.

i'm more concerned that i won't learn what i need to to pass my certification exam.

i care somewhat about grades because better grades makes me look better if an employer takes any interest in what my grades were.

i think the problem is that she used the previous teacher's test without taking enough time to really look over it and make sure we were getting the info covered on the test. there were actually several typos on it, too, that i had to ask about when taking it.

So hopefully, it will get better. I'm just having a really hard time really understanding what we are learning because she speeds through things and I can't tell for sure what needs to be focused on the most. It's confusing.

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