Friday, January 14, 2011

this is how it is

this post, it should've probably been made months ago.

i feel the need to point out that whatever i say is honest, as honest i can be.

but these are only my perceptions, my feelings, that i can describe. i cannot truly account for others here. this is me.

what i am telling you here is what i honestly believe to have occurred, how i saw it at the time, and how it made me feel.

it is a fact that facts can become skewed over time. Details change. I remember things as I remember them and chances are I may be off a little. Or at least, others may have a different side to the same story, with different facts.

However, this is me. I tell you, this is me. I am not you. i do not know what you saw. or heard. Or thought.

you can bring up stories of your own. we can discuss things. but for me, this is how it is.

the only promise i can make is that here i am as honest as i possibly can be. i am as accurate as i can be. i try to describe things as best i can, try to make sense as much as i can, without losing that sense of self and my own feelings.

this is how its.

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