Friday, January 14, 2011

stars inside us.

i found a fallen star
deep inside your heart
glowing desperately
against the growing dark

my fingers burned
as i reached into the flames
but i refused to cry out
as my skin felt the blaze

the colors were strange
and reflected in your eyes
so different from the stars
i've seen in the nightly skies

heat poured through my veins
and melted my frozen spirit
the time my heart screamed, it seemed
you were the only one to hear it

i soon became lost
in the beauty that i saw
took a chance on this star
though afraid i would fall

i swam into the fire
until i found the core
just a fraction as lovely
as it must've been before

i held it in my hands
blessed it with a gentle kiss
hoping in my wandering love to
take your pain and leave you in bliss

now your wounds are healing
and your star shines so bright
and my own star you've led
into a world of love and light

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