Monday, May 3, 2010

truths scrawled in unknown languages

summer was cruel and tainted with blood.
i should not have heard those words of lost memories, but there they were. your heart sank into mine and broke it from the inside. we were two spirits crossing the line. the trees danced, smoldering in the dry heat of the sun. flaming up, now and again, as if in dismay at our faltered circumstances.

winter was worse. far worse.
the chill the that settled in turned to frost on our spines. the air carried the scent of blood and lust, and we fell, as usual, into the trappings of misery. escape was not an option. instead, we watched our skin melt while we burned to keep the snow away. i didn't cry. i just watched. i stood by as you disintegrated for the final time. i let the ashes slip from my fingers. and i walked away.

spring was unwanted and mocking.
flowers were all in bloom and the cherry blossoms scattered in the wind. there was beauty in the air in the absence of our love. birds preyed on the remains and littered the ground with filth. but the grass was green and i thought maybe things could change. the sky was blue and i thought i wasn't the same. the rain still hid away in the clouds.

autumn was lonely. so lonely.
leaves swallowed the ground whole in a fury of color and flame. the sunlight always faded too fast and i could never catch up. i wanted to make your dreams come true, but you fled as though those leaves had chased you out. and i was left standing there, wondering how far you'd go. how far you'd take us before you remembered that all you of me was a glittering fragment of who i used to be.

last year played out of order. but my dreams you still stole.

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