Sunday, May 2, 2010

and in my heart, i can't contain it

i keep listening to those songs. yes, yes. is so god awful hot right now. already. it was in the high 80's today, at least. with the humidity it's horribly miserable.

on the bright side, i'm not as hungry. the stifling heat makes me feel like not eating. but i still wish it weren't so hot. i don't know how i'll sleep tonight.

although, right now it's raining outside. i might go stand out there. cool down.

time is getting closer to all the things coming up.
i'm so excited.

so yeah, well, i am about ready to get out of this horribly hot room, so i'll end it here for today.

i am thankful for the rain. heck yes. i wanted it and here it is.
i am thankful i ate sensibly today. like i should.

with all my heart,

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