Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've been down here for days, have you seen me?

more music love.

this time it's Vertical Horizon. One of my favorites for sure.
Best I Ever Had is a song that's always had meaning for me.
now i'm listening to songs from their album 'Go' and i love it.

it's saturday night. thursday night i go with my nana to the hotel near the airport. friday morning, super early, we go there. we get on a plane eventually. we fly, fly, fly.
i'm so ready for California. my mom says she is going to feed me healthy food while i'm there.
haha. that's cool.
i'm crazy. my body yells at me for sweets all the time.
i guess i have an addiction to them of sorts. today all i had was a banana for something sweet. yesterday i had a little brownie with mint frosting. it was so tasty. the frosting was extra minty.
i love mint, among other things. before i discovered green tea icecream, mint icecream was my favorite. i love york peppermint patties, andes mints, peppermint mocha frapps, peppermint schapps, peppermint tea, bubblemint gum, etc.
minty mints..yum.
i love the smell, too.

speaking of smells, the honeysuckle is in bloom and it's out in my backyard and it smells delightful.
oh, and yesterday i rode my bike 15 miles and on part of the trip, coming and going, i passed a hill that had jasmine growing. another one of my favorite scents.

i also like orchid, coconut, lavender, and what i think was cinnamon sandalwood. something like that. o also love the smell of roses. those are the ones i could think of off the top of my head. i kinda wonder now what my favorite scents say about me.
now that i think of it, those scents have different things tied to them, like how lavender and peppermint are relaxing, for example.

wow. all this because i started talking about one of my favorite bands. but yeah. favorite shampoo is orchid's one from herbal essences that happens to work really well on my hair anyway.

yeah. faves. woo.

i have favorite people too. like my mom and stepdad, my siblings, my one grandmother, and some of my friends. they know who they are..probably.
each one has at least something about them that i really value or appreciate. but basically, i like them a lot for several reasons and i don;t know what i'd do without them.

with all my heart,

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