Thursday, May 13, 2010

love story

it began with you.

you smiled and i saw the stars in your eyes. your words were like water seeping into my veins. the attraction was instantaneous and the foolish hopes soon followed. but what could i do, but fall deeper and deeper with each passing moment. what could i do, but drown in your arms.

i didn't care if i never breathed again, as long as you were near.

we danced along our path.
sometimes fighting, sometimes sleeping, always loving. you were a nightmare and a fantasy all in one, a miracle and a tragedy so lovely, a dream i could never see clearly, and desperately, i held on. with every song i walked a little closer. with every blow i just wrapped myself tighter.

we fell into a trap.
a hurricane. the storm that threatened every shimmering fragment of our broken hearts. with palms pressed together, and fingers intertwined, we faced the wretched winds, we pushed through the screaming rain, we kept taking steps forward, but somehow always ended up back where we started.

at least, i wish we could've gone back to where we started.

it ended with me.

i fled into the night, too frightened to look back. those stars in your eyes swallowed my soul as i leaped just out of your reach. i wandered in the dark, waded through a flood of tears, and traced the place where my heart used to be. i lost my will to believe.

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