Monday, May 17, 2010

music keeps me company

oh. my. gosh.
normal title.

but yeah. music keeps me company. i kinda wonder if it's a bad thing that i'm so attached to my music listening. it fills the silence well, though.
when i'm alone i put my earphones on and turn up the volume to whatever song happens to be playing. i parade around with a fire for my music. i eat, create, sleep with my music.
i guess it's not so bad. probably just more loneliness making me think strange things.
it's just a way to fill the space.

so i'm glad school starts in a little over a month. i need the human interaction.
going on the trip to Cal will help, too.
the classes i'm looking forward to most are anatomy/physiology and pharmacology.
not really looking forward to the computer classes and the insurance procedures course. ew. but i'll get through it.

i guess that's all i have to say. i just fail like that. plus House is on.
i love House. it's an amazing show.
and it's taking up my attention.

with all my heart,

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