Thursday, May 6, 2010

still a good-for-nothing, i don't know


because i love it that much.
watch/listen if you haven't already.
this song makes me feel like crying sometimes, dancing sometimes, rejoicing sometimes.
it all depends.

i'll be going with my nana this weekend which means i won't be posting friday or saturday. two whole days without interwebs..omgzz...haha.
not really.
i only get online for lack of anything more entertaining around.
i actually spend more time doing other things.

but i'm looking forward to this weekend. time away from my father will be nice. away from the little things he does that bug me.

i don't really have much to say.
yesterday, an old friend added me on facebook. someone i used to be really, really close to. hearing from him again reminds me of the good old days in elementary and middle school when i could just have fun with my friends. when we brought our little pokemon toys to school to play with. when we chased each other around the field. when we tried to push the other over because back then it was funny.
when love was young and confusing and innocent.
ah, yes, i always bring it back to love.
yes, i'm talking about the first guy who ever really mean something to me. someone i cherished for bringing light into my heart where even then there was only ice.
we were fools back then, and i liked it that way.

well, i just got the call. nana is almost here.
i'm out for now.
but before i go:
i am thankful for my nana.
i am thankful for making more progress on some things today.

all my love,

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