Sunday, May 9, 2010

and these shadows keep on changing

i'm breaking my own rules.
because i can.

this weekend:
was good fun. awkward. more good fun. chillin'. awkward. cool.
so i went with my nana. took the puppy along.
went shopping. enjoyed the pleasantries of being away and staying in a nice, clean dwelling, for once. enjoyed the escape from reality, lalala, and having someone else to talk to.
visited a grave. i cried.
some of the carlisle landscape is so picturesque, like, out in those farm areas. so beautiful.
childhood memories when we visited the farm over there.
childhood memories at the grave.
childhood memories everywhere.

coming up this next week:
work to do.
not too much, but i have to make sure everything is in order before i leave. i have appointments to reschedule, some minor things to finish for school, work on the illustrations so maybe they'll be finished before i leave, or close.
everything needs to be packed come friday.
but i'm so jazzed, yes, jazzed to be going on this trip. seeing family-since most of my favorites are out there, maybe even a few friends if i get the chance.
a little time to relax and feel the love before school kicks in.

music love:
POE. poepoepoepoepoe. nuff' said. <3
i listened to the whole album Haunted this afternoon, in order, since it kinda tells a story that way. i love that album, the way it's set up like that and represents a sort of journey through emotions and events.
it's something different. i love it.

music is love.

and so are you.

with all my heart,

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