Thursday, May 6, 2010

in shades of grey

i'm too tired.
too tired.
all the time.
i don;t write for two days, and yes, still, this i all i really have to say.
it's dragging me down.
i spent the majority of yesterday in bed because i was so tired i had to constantly drag myself around or otherwise fall into my bed and wish i would never have to get up.
forced myself to exercise yesterday. need that.
meanwhile, i can't figure out if i just have allergies or i have a cold.
but i've been feeling sick.
sick and tired. literally. too much.

i've been working on my illustrations.
all that's left is to finish the coloring.
i'm quite thankful i'm getting them done. and i'm thankful i still have time to work on them.


with all my heart,

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