Wednesday, December 1, 2010

daily dose

so, despite my psychotic issues being incredibly disruptive, they are not the most problematic issue i have.

yes, it gets worse.

i am tired pretty much 24/7. it's worse in the afternoons.
i have my moments where i feel like i have plenty of energy(without being manic) but those are quite rare.

what's worse is, all of my doctors have not figured out why i am this way. they are all confused because as far as they can tell, nothing is seriously wrong with me and i'm only 21 years old so wtf??

i have tried to fix this issue. i have changed my diet numerous times. i started eating meat again. i stopped eating so much carbs and sugar. i stopped drinking soda except for maybe one or two a month. i started on a B12 supplement when i was told i have a B12 deficiency. i'm taking a multivitamin now. i am doing my best to keep hypoglycemia at bay by eating 5 small meals a day.

i'm getting more sleep and doing stuff to help with my sleep. i go to bed at a reasonable time, and for the most part have made it routinely the same time every night. same with getting up. pretty much the same time every morning.

ive been exercising more as well, though not so much that it would keep me awake at night or cause me to get super exhausted. no.

it's freaking ridiculous. this isn't just feeling a bit sleepy or slightly exhausted. no. this is feeling tired to the point that i am sick to my stomach most of the time as well. i feel overheated a lot of the time as well.
it's super tough for me to get myself up in the mornings and make it through all my classes.

i have no idea what else i can do. and doctors don't seem to have any idea either.

so, does anyone else out there have suggestions? because frankly, i have no idea at this point.

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