Monday, December 20, 2010

Interview with the Pharmacist


i am excited. the interview i had today went really well. it seemed like i have a really really good chance at getting this position, which would be so AMAZING.

i've learned to like Walgreens. i looked at all kinds of things on their web site earlier and found out that the company is all about equality for its LGBT employees. how cool is that? they have benefits for people in domestic partnerships and such.

not that i'm necessarily going to end up in one, but just in case. and i'm a big fan of people and companies that support that kind of thing.

christmas is in less than a week and i still havent sent out any cards, but i'm working on it starting now.
they may get there late.

i hope you all have happy holiday time with family and friends.
i'm spending christmas with a friend of mine, the day after with family, and the next day is the day my boyfriend comes to visit.

major excitement.

things are looking up. well, finally.

i love this.

life is getting better each day. even without meds, which makes me happy because i so much prefer not taking anything. i can handle it.
i have self-control. i do.

all my love,

PS. people should totally skype with me. seriously. i have my computer online a lot just in case anybody gets the chance. let me know though if you ever want to.

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