Tuesday, December 7, 2010

monsters under your skin

do not get up. do not move. no.

it is 3am and i swear he is standing there by the door. lurking. always lurking. what did i do now?

those eyes burn. hell fire. you know it's too late now.

it's been awhile. and why can't it be like before? the demon is back. the angel retreated. he's watching you.

do not dare speak. no. you will only hear the words of that demon again. no. do not let her win. no. do not let her ruin your chances. she can only bring hurt. don't do it.

get up. get up now. face the world now. here you will see the truth.

why is he still haunting me? and why is it that i cannot have the control? i want control. no more Kira. no more. Kira got me into trouble. Kira liked to fight. Kira liked to win. Kira liked to break hearts. Crush everyone beneath her. no. not now. not here. not him. not this time.

but there is no way to get away. don't be so foolish. remember how lying to yourself got you nowhere? forget this. forget him. you can't fight it and you can't fight me, so just forget it.

i just want to disappear.

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