Wednesday, December 8, 2010

there are differences

if my last blog seemed out of place or strange or whatever...well i can explain.
it was a collab of sorts.
the words in italics were not by me. they were from Kira.
one of our little inner conversations, if you will.
here it is, evidence out in the world.
i could get in trouble, but I didn't post it in the first place. Kira did.
same with the facebook status and apparently my deviantart despite the fact that deviantart and my blog we agreed were "off-limits"
though i am thinking they need an outlet of their own now.

if another blog shows up, do not be surprised. even though it won't be me. but it might be interesting to give them a chance to say something. if ever they feel like it.

i have no idea. i'll figure it out at some point.

it doesn't have to make sense. i never said it did.

it's all personality.

all my love,

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