Friday, December 17, 2010

the future is now

so iam going to Walgreens on Sunday for an interview. this is cool. the guy who is interviewing me is the pharmacy manager, who also happen to be an instructor at my school. my chances of getting this job look pretty good. it would be cool if i could get it because i've been rather worried about finding a job after school.

it would be so amazing if this works out. i could finally get on with the next step to moving on with my life and really making it my own.

meanwhile, love is on the way. i get to see him on the 27th. it looks i won't be spending christmas alone either. a friend of mine offered to come get me since my father will be gone most of the day.

i am happy.

things are falling into place and working out and i'm not as stressed as before.

now all i need is less physical pain and new glasses. i'm not sure what i'll do about the glasses. i am thinking walmart maybe is my best bet. just have to figure out where i'll get the money from to pay for them. maybe if i get this job i can get them. who knows?

i hope everyone is having fun on their breaks. i'm kinda sad i can't somehow visit my california or oklahoma families. maybe some other time.

all my love,

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