Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the peace that comes

peace in the snow
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So i did it. i went out into the snow and let the bliss of being frozen in a lovely white bed overtake me as I rested my heart and soul in the chill of the afternoon. I spent several minutes digging out an area to lie in.
The cold seeped in through my clothes as they slowly got soaked while I tumbled around a bit before sitting back to take in the pleasant peace that snow always seems to bring.
It was wonderful.
I came back inside feeling refreshed and finally rid of that anxiousness that had been bugging me before.

it came back.
as i sat in bed reading I noticed the return of the feeling as if something were crawling in my skin, making me want to beg some unknown god for mercy. That feeling is so terrible. I was getting really shaky and worried I would seize up, and for a moment my leg shook violently, but that quickly subsided.
I chose to continue reading in the hopes that it would take my mind elsewhere and i would eventually relax, which i did, thankfully.
These feeling are something I can't explain. I don't know where they come from. But I do know how to deal with them.

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