Monday, February 22, 2010

days go by

and still i think of you.
days when i couldn't live my life without you.

i really like the lyrics to that song: Days Go By by Dirty Vegas. Never liked the version of it i always heard, but the acoustic version is just wonderful.

so i can't figure out what to do with my hair. it's practically driving me crazy. i had a cut in mind, but then i was stupid and decided to cut off 5 inches and now that cut wont work. plus my bangs are still too freaking short. i was thinking of getting it cut short and layered and dying it out to a light blonde, but now i've totally changed my mind. now i'm thinking of just getting it layered a lot and dying it cherry red. i'll probably have to bleach it out first, but yeah. i think i like this idea better. i'll have to think on it more, but i did find a picture. i want to get my hair cut soon though because it's so uneven that it's really bugging me.

i'm a failure. did i ever mention that?
i have all these goals that i can't seem to manage. i need to find a way to stop biting my nails. but let's look at this logically, okay? i've been biting them since 4th grade. since i was nine. that means i've been doing this for over 11 years. so what i do? well, i have no idea. my best chance is gloves, but they always get in the way. i'll probably get some anyway. i'll have to see if i can just manage to wear them enough.
as for my weight...just ugh. idk. i gain weight too easily now. i'm not super fat or anything, but i'm definitely uncomfortable. and i swear, i have pretty much zero willpower when it comes to not eating what i shouldn't.
i have to try. try. try. and succeed. oh, if only. it's tough, though.

and who knew i'd even fail with raising a puppy? okay, maybe not totally fail. but i swear, what the heck is up with this dog? maybe it just usually takes longer to train a dog, but i still can't seem to get it right so that i don't end up having to clean up after him so much. today was especially gruesome. ah well.

i'm trying.
i keep failing.

here's hoping this time i can win. at something.
may the gods help me.

all my love,

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