Tuesday, February 23, 2010

night sky shines bright

i wish i could get a good picture of the sky right now. at least the one side where it's shining a like pale silver and seems to be alive. it's beautiful like that, with the clouds smothering the sky, a light drizzle dusting the earth, though the stars are so lost, and that makes me a little sad. i like being able to see the stars. i don't feel so lonely as long as i can see them.

so today, things just got more complicated and difficult. with school, that is. i got a call today from a different school from the one i've been seriously considering. at first, i was just going to say i wasn't interested, but something told me, whatever it was, that i should actually go ahead and talk and learn more about this school. so i did, and now i'm actually considering doing the program with them instead.
the program at this school is cheaper. the program has the potential to take less time and is more flexible. the program would most likely be more convenient for me.
but i'm incredibly hesitant. there's one big issue: it's an online program.
i don't know if it's right for me. i think mostly i'm worried about actually being able to do it successfully.
motivation to go through the courses? no problem. i have plenty.
but the planning? deciding when i'm ready to take my quizzes and final? effectively learning the material through the online process? that's what gets me.

who knew figuring out what to do for school could be so strenuous?

well, okay...i kinda figured this might happen. i'm seriously considering doing the online program at this time. but i don't know. i must seriously debate this with myself, get some insight from others, and hope i make the right choice.
for me.

but i'll be going to school. somehow. someway. and with that i can look up and breathe hope. with the hint of a real smile.

all my love,

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