Sunday, March 27, 2011

a world of confusion

giver of life, breaker of hearts
my ring shall be white

how do you make some believe they shouldn't get involved with you without really being able to explain why?

i keep trying to warn people but they don't listen. i'm wondering whether i'm doing more good or bad. all i know is that i enjoy this time i've spent with these people. they are finding bits and pieces of my heart that had been washed away by the relentless ocean that has been my life.this feeling of confusion refuses to quiet. i am searching the life around me for the whispered secrets of simple truth. i am feeling the life with my fingertips, and breathing in my losses.

so many innocent people. lives to be changed for the better or ruined by mistake.
when i say "it's better if you just stay away from e," people just laugh, shake their head at me, and move closer.

so what do i do? i crave human connection. it's like my life-source or something.
people gladly oblige until i don't do what they want. but i'll never do what they want and i know they eventually will get to that point, so who is the cruel one here?

i don't think anyone can understand because there is nothing to really understand.

where there is no heart, there is no heart. it's not something to be replaced.

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  1. This one is easy. It's not your responsibility or your right to tell other people how to feel or what to do. Adults are free to do as they please. They can figure out on their own if they want to be with your or not. Your only responsibility is to yourself.