Saturday, March 19, 2011

a change in the tides

so i deleted my facebook account.


i won't say much about my reasons, other than it having to do with certain people i felt i was forced to associate with that i did not want to.
i'm not willing to discuss it further, so do not ask me.

it's one less thing to deal with anyway.

i know it's nice to stay in touch with some people that way, but i keep getting upset over petty things with that site and i got so sick of it i didn't want to deal anymore.

i'm still finding myself. i know i am.

the good news is, i made some friends recently. i found somewhere to meet up with people around my age with similar interests and that is awesome. i finally will have people to hang out with from time to time.

there's a lot of pressure just sitting here. i have my cert exam coming up on wednesday. i'm waiting to hear back about a job. i am realizing that i am still so afraid of so many things and still very broken.

i still have my faults and my troubles and my bad habits. but i'm doing my best to get better.

i hope everyone can be patient with me still.

all my love,

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  1. Interesting how as teens all we want is to be included in everything with everyone all the time regardless of the consequences for today or for the future. As we get older and more experienced we understand ourselves a little better each day enabling us to rid ourselves of unwanted and undesired aspects of the world both from our past and into the future. Maturity, experience, education...they allow us to bring exclusivity into our lives, focusing on just the things that make us happiest. Welcome to the next steps of adulthood. Luv u