Monday, March 28, 2011

a walk to remember

it's easier to keep people from getting too close.
but i think i'm failing at trying to keep them away.

so i'm working up some notes and characters for this play i'm supposed to start writing on Friday. Oh dear the heck can I pull this off?

i'm being horribly cliche. this play is about a girl with who has been given a year left to live because she is dying of a broken heart. not sure how i want to play out all the symbolism...but it's the general concept. and lots of people try to help her before it's too late. mostly boys.

i am thinking for characters so far-
1.the girl (Lorena)
2.main love interest (Adrian) friend of several years
4.secondary love interest
5.ex that still cares
7.girl who she helps in turn
8.extras for certain scenes(since some of it takes place in public places and i could add some minor roles/lines for them)

maybe a sister? idk. she's supposed to be in college and i don't know how to do it.
it shall be set over a year. i want to divide it into seasons somehow though, starting with summer (so i can end with spring).

maybe i'm crazy for even trying, haha.

so life is life.
it is.
i have friends now but i don't know. i like who i am but too many people want me and i don't know how to deal with it properly without upsetting people too much.
such a dilemma. hm.

still haven't found a job but i;m keeping my fingers crossed, and keeping myself busy in the meantime.

going on a trip in about a week to visit some friends, which is totally cool. i am getting to enjoy life a bit. i like it.

all my love,

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