Thursday, March 24, 2011

with a black, black heart

yesterday was a crazy day.

i am lucky though.

so since my biodad's transmission is screwed, a new friend of mine drove me over to Lancaster to take my exam. it so happened that we found out something was wrong with my biodad's car only two hours past the time when i could have just rescheduled.

it was nice to have a friend drive me though because i was super nervous and it kept me calm to have someone to talk to (plus i got to know him a little more).

i went in and took the test in about 40 min, even though i had been allotted 2 hours total to take it. this place is all high security and whatnot, in a sense. i had to get a palm vein scan. it was interesting.


i get my official stuff in 1-3 weeks...woot! EPIC WIN!

um...then i went and ate celebratory Wendy's lunch. because hey...i'm not really one to pass up a free meal when it's offered.

then i got home.
my biodad decided to start reorganizing all this stuff in my room. so i couldn't just relax from all the nerves being shot from the whole test thing.

and i got a call. relationship stuff is what it is, you know? i cried. but i'm okay for now.

my friend stopped by later on. we sat in my room and talked and played pokemon and it was nice to just chill with a friend. it really helped get my mind off things.

slept okay. feeling sad but also good somehow. life is life is whatever and i will make the most of what i get.

there isn't much point in dwelling and stressing out over the situation.

i am happy with my life because i am accomplishing the things i've wanted to and it feels damn good. my next order of business is finding a doctor to go to.

stay amazing, all you cool peoples out there!

all my love,

this was my 200th post!! just thought i'd point that out.

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