Friday, March 4, 2011

i :heart: nerds

i love myself. haha.
but yeah.
i'm wearing my plaid shirt and suspenders and glasses and all today and it's fun.

yesterday i had an interview with this pharmacy that has been around for years and years. they aren't a chain. they are a little tiny pharmacy that is going to be expanding to a larger one starting in May.

i am really excited that i might get this job. it would be full-time and there are benefits and such. there's a 90-day trial period with it, which is fairly standard i know with most jobs, and they all seem like really nice people.

it's good to have an interview where i feel really comfortable with who i am being interviewed by. and i think i made a really good impression, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

don't know what it means for the future, really. i've kind of been trying to wait-and-see with things a lot lately. i look ahead, think ahead, but focus on the present and the what is currently at hand.

if i absolutely love this place, it may mean sticking around in PA for quite some time, which i honestly haven't been planning on, due to several reasons that i feel i would be much happier being away from this place.

there is definitely somewhere right now that i would rather be, but it is a good distance away from here.

i see the importance of opportunities and such when it comes to work and career, however. if i get a job, it gives me the opportunity to get work experience in my field, which is the one thing i am still lacking (except for the cerification, but i am well on my way to getting that) and i know i really need it anyway.

i am eager in many ways to be able to live closer to my boyfriend (either if i move closer to him or if he moves closer to me) but i am also very patient and i firmly believe that if a relationship is going to work, it is going to work no matter how far apart the two people involved are, or for how long that distance lasts. it's like we both keep saying, another day, month, year, etc is nothing when we have the rest of our lives to be together. i have faith that no matter what happens, we can make it work and stay together. we are so good about working through anything that comes our way, i know we'll be just fine.

eventually, it has to change. because i also don't see the point in maintaining a relationship where there is no true contact and never really will be. because my goal is to eventually settle down and get married and have children and all (it's something i have been looking forward to ever since i was a child myself).

but honestly, it works. this is the first relationship i've been in where i feel like i'm gaining energy and strength and courage and all that good stuff, rather than losing it. and i'm pretty sure that's how good relationships should be. they should make you feel happy and healthy, not sick and stressed out. obviously that's no good. but you know how it is when you love people....sometimes you ignore the bad stuff because you love them so much (even when it's really REALLY bad stuff).

also...this is totally pointless and random and whatever, but i bought hot tamales at walgreens. i am only mentioning this because they are the valentine's ones.

it is the "untamed love mix" according to the box and it cost my 69 cents. haha.

i know... that was pretty lame.

i have nothing else to report.

all my love,

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