Monday, June 28, 2010

one week down.

and 14 more to go.

i had two tests last friday and i'm pretty sure i aced both. i'm doing well getting in adequate study time so far. i study every day, spending time on each course. practice activities, reading, etc. it's not so difficult. so far, anyway.

so another 14 weeks and then i move on to my second set of classes. sounds fun, right? it's only 8 months though. no longer than it needs to be, and i like it that way. the big point is to become certified, and i learned that the test is multiple-choice, which makes me feel a little bit better about it. my pharmacy teacher says that the trick to knowing what a lot of drugs are for has to do with the ends of the names. so while we're supposed to learn about 200 drugs, her way is teaching out certain endings to a name indicate what it's used for.

i can do this.

on sunday i helped with bible school. it was kinda fun. one of the things we made were these little notebooks that will be sent to Tanzania. I decorated one. it's kinda cool to think that the notebook i decorated will end up over there.
also, i'm still working on illustrations and i have to try to get them done this summer. it's hard to find the time to work on them, especially in this heat, but i'll find a way. and the teacher i'm doing them for said that she sends copies of the book to her friends in germany and austria. so cool. my art will get to travel. yep.

i'm looking forward to the weeks to come. this week, i'll be seeing my cousin and grandmother. next week is my birthday. next week my sister is visiting.
fun times.
and even farther on, just getting through school and learning and feeling accomplished. it's a good feeling, that i'm doing something with my life. finally. finally.

i've even lost a little weight, and maybe i'll keep losing. i am trying to eat better and not eat so much, even if i'm on a med that makes me hungry all the time.

and even though i was depressed yesterday, and manic today, i got through both instances with ease. i just told myself i would flow through the motions and they would eventually pass.
i'm learning. i'm growing. i'm feeling. alive.

all my love,

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