Tuesday, June 22, 2010

with an unfamilar side of grace

first day of school. the only class i'm really concerned about at all so far is keyboarding. and only with timed typing tests. since i don't really know how fast i type. but otherwise, i'm good.

i have four different teachers for six classes. one of my classes only has three people in it. in another class, i was the only first term person there.
overall, i think i'll do well. the classes don't seem so daunting now that i have a better idea of what will happen with each one. of course, my big goal is all A's. which is possible. and i'll work as hard as i can to get them. one of the classes is supposedly an easy A. so that's a good-sounding way to start.
my little goal is at least a 3.5 gpa so i get on honor roll.

not to sound...ummm...egotistical...but i feel like i'm probably one of the smarter people around that school. maybe not, but i figure a lot of the more intelligent people are off at 4 year schools, just like i used to be. not to say i won't return to one someday.
but for now, practicality wins over, well, whatever else there is. pride maybe?
so i'm smart. i guess that mean it shouldn't be too hard for me, the kind of classes i'm taking now.
some of them will be challenging, but i feel quite confident that i'll succeed. i'm putting everything i have into it this time, and won't let myself get distracted.

thus i care to mention, today has been a 16 pebble day. mm..quite so.

all my love,

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